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Vandex Refurbishment Plaster

Vandex Refurbishment Plaster is a refurbishment plaster for plastering damp and/or salt-contaminated interior and exterior walls.

It is typically used to replaster walls as part of a rising damp treatment (e.g. with Dryzone damp proofing cream) or after tanking walls using Vandex BB75 tanking slurry.

Vandex Refurbishment Plaster provides a durable plaster for damp and salt contaminated masonry. It is ideal for refurbishment of basements, vaults, and old structures. It produces a dry, efflorescent free surface. Because of its lime content, Vandex Refurbishment Plaster is ideally suited to plaster refurbishment in historic buildings. It is equally suitable for use on damp areas in both new and existing structures. It has thermal insulation properties which make it effective in reducing or eliminating condensation. Vandex Refurbishment Plaster is ideal for use after insertion of a damp proof course.

Coverage is approximately 12.5Kg/m2 per 10mm thickness of Vandex refurbishment Plaster. Minimum plaster thickness is 15-20mm depending on the replastering specification used. Therefore, in practice each 25Kg bag typically covers between 1 and 1.3 m2.

Product Benefits

  • BBA Approved
  • Complies with WTA specification 2-2-91
  • Lime - cement plaster (mortar group PII) with low crack susceptibility
  • Hydrophobic aerated plaster with high water vapour diffusion
  • Does not support capillary movement of water, so is both salt and damp resistant
  • Frost  and salt-resistant
  • Allows damp substrates to dry
  • Trowel or spray application
  • bba certificate
  • wta certificate


  • Vandex Refurbishment Plaster

    Vandex Refurbishment Plaster