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NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets

  • Paper-based
  • Non-staining
  • Non-solvent
  • 3 months life per booklet
NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets

Warmer winters and improvements in housing insulation have caused the UK Moth population to boom. NOPE! Clothes Moth booklets are paper-based moth repellents and contact killers that protect your clothes and hobby crafts safely from Moth infestations.

Watch out for hungry larvae

Clothes Moth, or Tineola bisselliella

The common clothes moth, also known as Tineola bisselliella, prefers dark areas. They are often found in closets, cupboards and drawers.

They lay eggs of up to 200 hungry larvae at a time, which means an infestation can do a serious amount of damage if left unchecked. The tell-tale signs of a moth infestation are tiny holes in clothes, small yellow larvae and small tubular casings around wardrobes and drawers. Not to mention - Adult Moths themselves are difficult to miss!

Protect clothes with NOPE! Moth booklets

Moth larvae feed on Keratin, which is present in natural animal fibres. That means wool, silk and cashmere are all on the menu. Not good news for your wardrobe! Use the whole booklet or place single pages between clothes and in drawers to protect your valuables.

Clothes protection is our goal. NOPE! Moth Booklets are solvent-free and non-staining. They are perfectly safe for contact with clothes. Always wash affected clothing prior to treatment to eradicate all larvae and eggs. Remember - these can be almost impossible to spot with the human eye!

NOPE! Moth booklets can be used in conjunction with NOPE! CP Moth Spray

NOPE! Moth Booklets can be used in conjunction with NOPE! CP Moth Spray as part of a wider pest control strategy.

Empty wardrobes and drawers before applying NOPE! CP Moth Spray to affected areas and ward away moths from the areas with NOPE! Moth Booklets.

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NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets
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