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Vandex BB75 Tanking Slurry

Vandex BB75 is a high-performance tanking slurry for use on concrete, masonry, and render. It can be applied by trowel or spray.

Once cured, Vandex BB75 forms a waterproof coating that has been tested up to 7 bar.  Where an elasticised coating is required, Vandex BB75 can be used in conjunction with Vandex Cemelast or Vandex PK75 elasticising additives.

Where a rapid curing time is required, consideration should be given to the use of Vandex Rapid S.


  • Basement waterproofing plaster
  • Waterproofing underground car parks, lift pits
  • Waterproofing tanks, reservoirs, and water treatment works
  • Sewer and sewage treatment plant waterproofing (Vandex BB75Z)
  • Waterproofing of aquariums, fish ponds, and water features

Alternative Products

Vandex BB White

Vandex BB White is a version of BB75 based on white cement. It is typically used as a tanking slurry on exposed surfaces - e.g. potable water reservoirs. Note: Vandex BB White is not compatible with Vandex Cemelast or Vandex PK75 elasticising additives.

Vandex BB75Z

Vandex BB75Z is a version of BB75 with enhanced sulphate resisting properties. For this reason it is typically used when sealing against ground water containing sulphates or when waterproofing open tanks and channels in sewage treatment plants. Vandex BB75Z can be used in conjunction with Vandex PK75 to produce an elasticised coating.


Vandex BB75 is BBA approved.

Vandex BB75 and Vandex BB75Z are CE marked under the EN1504-3 standard.

Vandex BB75 and Vandex BB White are WRAS approved for use in drinking water structures.

Product Benefits

  • CE marked
  • BBA approved
  • WRAS approved for drinking water structures
  • For concrete, masonry, and render
  • Our best-selling tanking slurry
  • bba certificate


  • BBA Vandex BB75

    BBA Vandex BB75

  • Vandex BB75

    Vandex BB75

  • Vandex BB75E

    Vandex BB75E

  • Vandex BB75E Application

    Vandex BB75E Application

  • Vandex BB75Z

    Vandex BB75Z

  • Vandex Refurbishment Plaster

    Vandex Refurbishment Plaster