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Dampcheck Plus (25 L)

  • BBA approved - Silane modified
  • Low odour - Non-flammable
  • Electric pump or gravity feed
  • Ready for use (no mixing necessary)
Dampcheck Plus 25 L - Damp-proof course (DPC) fluid

Dampcheck Plus is a BBA-approved DPC fluid that is supplied ready for use. It is injected into holes drilled in masonry to form a damp proof course (DPC). Injection can be carried out using an electric pump or by using funnels (gravity feed method).

Dampcheck Plus is non-flammable and is silane modified - allowing for faster injection times and more thorough treatment compared with standard DPC injection fluids. Because it is solvent-free, it does not cause a lingering “solvent odour.”

Dampcheck Plus has a multi-component formulation which means that it develops initial water-repellency quickly, but also allows further diffusion to form a more evenly distributed damp-proof course.

Consideration should also be given to the use of Dryzone damp-proofing cream which can be installed more quickly than Dampcheck Plus and virtually eliminates the spillage and mess problems associated with the injection of DPC fluids.

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Dampcheck Plus 25 L - Damp-proof course (DPC) fluid
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