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Drybase Elasticiser

  • Strong adhesion
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Crack-bridging up to 0.8mm width
  • High performing adhesive for construction joint tape
Drybase Elasticiser

Drybase® Elasticiser is a liquid polymer additive for Drybase® Tanking Slurry. When mixed together, Drybase® Elasticiser transforms Drybase® Tanking Slurry into a tanking slurry with improved elasticity and augmented crack-bridging properties. Drybase® Elasticised Tanking Slurry can then be applied to concrete and masonry substrates and provides active and passive waterproofing for up to 7 bar pressure.

When the polymer admixture of Drybase® Elasticiser mixes with the cement and graded quartz composition of Drybase® Tanking Slurry, it forms an Elasticised Tanking Slurry with excellent final bonding ability for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Bridge small cracks of up to 0.8mm width, seal areas of potential cracking and bond construction joint tape during the tanking process with Drybase® Elasticiser.

High performance adhesion

Drybase Elasticiser provides flexible tanking

When mixed with Drybase® Tanking Slurry, Drybase® Elasticiser adheres strongly to concrete and masonry substrates. It can be applied on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces, making it suitable for the full basement tanking process.

Tank water reservoirs, cellars, lift pits and anywhere 360° coverage against water ingress is required. It also offers excellent performance for securing construction joint tape.

Increased protection for vulnerable areas

Drybase Tanking Slurry & Elasticiser

The combined Drybase® Elasticised Tanking Slurry has been successfully tested up to 7 bar active and passive water pressure. Perfect for foundations, slabs and retaining walls. The tough cement and quartz-based coating is resistant to extreme weather conditions like frost and heat.

Drybase® Elasticised Tanking Slurry is fully breathable to allow moisture vapour transmission.

Simple to prepare & apply

Mixing Drybase Elasticiser with a mixer

Drybase® Elasticiser is an additive for Drybase® Tanking Slurry. Simply mix one 10kg pack of Elasticiser with one 25kg bag of Drybase® Tanking Slurry for at least 3 minutes with a high-speed mechanical mixer. Drybase® Elasticised Tanking Slurry can be applied by a trowel or fine mortar spraying device.

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Drybase Elasticiser
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