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Drybase Waterproof Plug

  • High-performance plugging compound
  • Ready to mix
  • Stop active water leaks on concrete, stone and masonry
  • Rapid 30 second setting time
Drybase Waterproof Plug

Leaks. The worst-case scenario for any waterproofing project. The need to fill cracks & holes and stop water seepage is an urgent problem that needs an immediate solution. Drybase® Waterproof Plug is a ready-to-mix & fast-setting cementitious compound that stops water leakage in its tracks with an instant strength-gaining formulation.

Drybase® Waterproof Plug is an easily mixed powder that combines with water to produce a thick paste that can be applied directly to fill holes, cracks and areas of seepage. The strong waterproof formulation gets to work instantly, setting within 30 seconds for a durable plug against water flow. Fix leaks in problem areas like vertical joints, cracked pipes and holes in concrete. Plug holes in swimming pools, garden ponds and water features - anywhere a leak needs to be immediately stopped.

30 seconds to set

Mix Drybase Waterproof Plug with Water

Drybase® Waterproof Plug is easy to apply and sets in seconds. Simply mix as much as you will immediately use with water. Work the mix into the area and hold firmly for 30 seconds to secure adhesion. Water ingress will immediately cease. Excess material can be levelled off with a trowel following setting.

Drybase® Waterproof Plug can also be applied in dry form to add a measure of waterproofing to substrates where a single cause of water seepage cannot be found.

Big or small - plug it all

Drybase Waterproof Plug inserted into hole

Drybase Waterproofing Plug can be used for even the smallest fixes. It is capable of plugging earthenware pipes, as well as stone, concrete and masonry.

Fix leaking cracks in pipes, glazed wall tiles & stone shower trays as well as on bigger projects like tunnel segment joint caulking & subsurface structure repairs like ponds, swimming pools & lift pits.

Tough protection for tough areas

Drybase Waterproof Plug can plug tough areas

The erosion-resistant mortar is highly effective for elements affected by rain and for the shoring of canal sealing.

Drybase Waterproof Plug® can also be used to fix holes and imperfections in water-retaining structures such as bunds or water tanks. Plug leaks in cracked earthenware pipes.

Water ingress can be immediately stopped in small areas where steel contacts concrete to prevent erosion prior to concrete repair.

Stop the leak before tanking

Drybase Tanking Range

Drybase® Waterproof Plug comes in a resealable 7.5kg or 15kg tub for multiple uses. Drybase® Waterproof Plug can be used to fill cracks and holes in the substrate prior to application of Drybase Universal Mortar® and Drybase Tanking Slurry® to fully prevent and protect against water ingress.

Drybase Waterproof Plug Application Instructions

  1. Ensure substrate is clear, sound and free of contamination
    The substrate must be clean, sound and free of any surface contamination. Leaks must be cut out back to sound material, leaving an appropriate chase for receiving the Drybase® Waterproof Plug.
  2. Mix 1kg <b>Drybase Plug</b> with 0.25 litres water
    Standard mixing ratio is 1kg Drybase® Waterproof Plug added to 0.25 litres water. Mixing time is about 15 seconds. After mixing it should set in about 30 seconds. In cold weather, use lukewarm water. In higher temperatures, use cold water.
  3. Work Drybase Plug mixture immediately into area
    Apply Drybase® Waterproof Plug immediately. Work the mixture well into the area and then hold firmly in place for about 30 seconds (wear rubber gloves).
  4. Remove excess material with trowel
    Remove excess material (scrape off with a trowel).

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