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  1. Starting at: Incl. Tax: £10.16 Excl. Tax: £8.47

    A premium-quality mould resistant paint for protecting against the growth of unsightly black mould on walls and ceilings – even where there is persistent con...

  2. Incl. Tax: £10.16 Excl. Tax: £8.47

    Stop mould growth on walls, even in areas with high levels of condensation, using Dryzone® ACS Mould Eradication Additive. It is ideal for stopping mould growth on walls...

  3. Starting at: Incl. Tax: £23.11 Excl. Tax: £19.26
    Dryzone® Anti-Condensation Paint has been specifically designed to reduce condensation from forming on treated surfaces. The glass microspheres in the paint increase the ti...
  4. Starting at: Incl. Tax: £22.44 Excl. Tax: £18.70
    The Dryzone® Mould Removal and Prevention Kit eliminates mould and mildew and keeps it away. It contains everything the user requires to deal with mould problems, even in a...
  5. Incl. Tax: £10.99 Excl. Tax: £9.16 As low as: £4.66
    Dryzone Mould-Resistant Sealant is a premium sanitary-grade silicone joint sealer designed to resist the growth of mould, even in environments with persistent condensation,...
  6. Incl. Tax: £144.00 Excl. Tax: £120.00

    Electric ventilator with humidity sensor to combat condensation.

  7. Starting at: Incl. Tax: £5.16 Excl. Tax: £4.30

    The Ultrotherm internal insulation system is a low-profile insulation system specifically designed for use in existing properties suffering from condensation and mould p...