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NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps

  • Stain and scent-free - safe for clothes
  • Hang or set - for wardrobes, drawers and floors
  • Pet & child-safe - poison-free formula
  • Easy to use and replace
  • Track infestations & break the moth breeding cycle
NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps

Clothes Moths have become an increasingly common sight in the UK throughout the year. NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps use natural pheromone technology to lure and capture male clothing moths, disrupting their breeding cycle in your home.

Moths could be hiding in your drawers!

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps

Contrary to popular belief, common clothes moths avoid light and hide in darkness. During an infestation’s early stages, you might not even realize you have a moth problem without fully emptying wardrobes and drawers. Moth larvae bury themselves in piles of clothes, carpets, and keratin-rich foods like nuts and whole grains.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps lure adult male clothes moths out into the open and trap them so you accurately know how many moths you have in your home.

How do pheromone moth monitoring traps work?

How do pheromone moth monitoring traps work?

Pheromone moth traps monitor and control moth infestations by using an attractant to lure the insects in and dispose of them.

These traps contain sticky floors infused with female moth pheromones. Male moths land on the traps thinking they have a chance to mingle and mate, breaking the moth lifecycle.

The trap’s wide surface area allows you to monitor the level of moth infestation in your home, giving you a general idea of how many females and larvae might still be hiding in your bedroom.

Quick & easy set-up

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps can be set up in 3 simple steps

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are simple to set:

  1. Place the trap on a flat surface & remove the protective sheet
  2. Fold the left & right panels upward along the creased lines
  3. Clip together and lock the tab into the slot

Place on tables, floors, bedside tables and inside drawers.

UK Common Clothes Moth Compatible

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are formulated to attract UK Common Clothes Moths

NOPE! Clothes Moth Monitoring Traps are specially formulated to attract the most common variety of UK Moth: the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella).

Whilst our Monitoring Traps are specially formulated for Common Clothes Moth, they may also work on (with decreased efficacy):

  • Case-Bearing Moth (Tinea Pellionella or sometimes called the Common Carpet Moth)
  • Pale-Backed Clothes Moth (Monopis Crocicapitella)

NOPE! Pest Control Range

NOPE! CP Clothes Moth Killer Spray works with Clothes Moth Traps for an all-round pest control strategy

Once male moths have been lured in by the sticky pheromones, larvae production will stop and the remaining females will fly away.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are intended to be used with NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray as part of a wider pest control strategy.

In areas of suspected infestation, always ensure that all clothes, furnishings and other fabric articles (like plush toys) are removed, thoroughly vacuumed and washed on a high heat. Visually monitor areas of known infestation for signs of moth activity: frayed or holed fabrics, moth eggs, casings or bodies.

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