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NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer

  • Immediate action - kills silverfish on contact
  • Long-lasting effect - up to 12 weeks
  • Disinfectant properties
  • HSE approved- safe for home use
  • Odourless formulation
NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer

Silverfish hide in dark, moist areas and feast on paper. They scuttle around in the dark, ready to startle and ruin your personal library. It’s time to fight back against Silverfish, protect your belongings and banish them from your home.

NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer Spray is a versatile and effective home pest control tool that eradicates all parts of the Silverfish lifecycle and keeps them away

Fast-Acting. Long-Lasting. Home-Safe.

NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer is fast-acting and long-lasting
NOPE! CP is approved be HSE for safe home use

NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer eliminates pests and protects affected areas for up to 12 weeks. Spray NOPE! CP wherever you see Silverfish around the home for instant effect.

Silverfish can be difficult to spot. They are nocturnal, agile and flee when discovered. Silverfish eggs are usually too small for the human eye to see and often hide behind wallpaper and in skirting board cracks.

Use NOPE! CP on walls, floors, behind appliances and other Silverfish hot spots.

Low-impact Formulation

NOPE! CP has a low-impact formulation for comfortable use

NOPE! CP can be applied around the home without disruption to everyday life.

  • Odourless, water-based formulation
  • Non-staining for Silverfish control around books, wallpapers and furnishings
  • HSE-Registered as a professional Silverfish treatment that's safe for home use
  • Disinfectant properties to cleanse and control the infestation

Rid your home of pests with NOPE CP.

NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer Spray is part of the NOPE! CP range of products. CP stands for cypermethrin, an active ingredient derived from a natural pesticide found in the Chrysanthemum flower. The full range targets a wide range of pests, from ants to bed bugs.

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