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NOPE! Flea Killer Powder

  • Naturally derived active ingredient
  • Safe to use on pet bedding
  • No harmful chemicals
NOPE! Flea Killer Powder

Break the relentless cycle of flea infestations in your home with NOPE! Flea Killer Powder. Despite popular belief, 95% of fleas thrive in your home environment and not on your pet. This makes eradication a challenge as treated pets often catch fleas time and time again by simply lying in their bedding.

This HSE-registered broad-spectrum pesticidal powder quickly kills fleas upon contact and continues to protect your home with a robust 3-day barrier. The superfine powder penetrates deeply into carpets and soft furnishings to target fleas at every stage of their lifecycle.

3 steps to flea freedom

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is safe to use on pet bedding
  1. Start with a thorough vacuuming of your home to remove fleas from carpets and pet bedding. Studies have shown that juvenile fleas reside in these areas to feed on organic materials and dead skin.
  2. Safely apply NOPE! Flea Killer Powder using the convenient puffer pack. It's ideal for kitchen floors, carpets, staircases, and pet areas. Simply remove your pets from the room to be treated, squeeze the pack and evenly distribute the powder over infested zones.
  3. NOPE! Flea Killer Powder immediately works to kill fleas on contact. For best results, wait at least 24 hours before vacuuming the treated areas to ensure all flea debris and powder is removed.

Each 300g puffer pack is more than enough to treat the whole house at the recommended dose of 10g per m². Remember, while NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is incredibly effective at clearing fleas from home environments, it should be used in conjunction with advice from your Veterinarian.

Break the cycle of flea infestations and maintain a clean, safe environment for your pets and family with NOPE! Flea Killer Powder.

Pro power with just one squeeze

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder has 3 day residual action

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is effective for 3 days, working hard to rid your home environment of fleas. It establishes powerful barrier protection that kills all stages of the flea lifecycle on contact.

Developed and manufactured right here in the UK, the active ingredient of NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is derived from the Chrysanthemum flower.

Unlike competing insect killer powder, NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is safe to use around the home, including in pet bedding. Always ensure that pets are not in the room during treatment.

For use around the home and garden

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder can be used all around the home and garden

    NOPE! Flea Killer Powder can be used in and around:

  • Pet bedding
  • Sofas
  • Pillows and other soft furnishings
  • Gardens and patios
  • Bedroom and living room carpets
  • Conservatories
  • Garages
  • Refuse areas

Always thoroughly vacuum clean the area after use.

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is best used as part of a comprehensive pest control strategy.

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NOPE! Flea Killer Powder
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