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Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Treatment – Ready to Use

Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Treatment (HSE 9290) is a colourless, ready to use “universal” wood preservative approved for amateur and professional use. It can be applied to timber by brush or spray for use against woodworm and wood rotting fungi. Alternatively timber can be treated by dipping in Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Treatment for at least 3 minutes.

Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Treatment is ideal for treating wooden doors, window frames, roof timbers, floor boards etc… to protect against woodworm and rot. It can be used on interior or exterior wood, but should not be used on wood in ground contact.

The product is supplied as a solvent-free formulation with very low odour. It is based on microemulsion technology which ensures excellent penetration into timber.

Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Treatment is intended for application to unpainted, unvarnished timber. All timber surfaces should be cleaned of dust as far as practically possible.

Note: Serious woodworm infestations or any timber decay caused by dry rot should be dealt with by a professional timber treatment company. For details of suitable companies in your area, please fill in our contactor enquiry form.

This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulation 1986 (HSE 9290). Use pesticides safely. Always read the label.


Product Benefits

  • Wet & dry rot treatment
  • Eliminates woodworm
  • Low odour (solvent free)
  • Apply by brush, spray, or dip
  • Coverage: 15 to 20m² 

How to apply Soluguard Ready For Use


  • Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Ready to Use

    Soluguard Woodworm & Rot Ready to Use