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Roxil Wood Protection Liquid (5 L)

  • Reduced organic growth
  • Reduction of water uptake
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Long-Lasting Formula
  • Ready for use
Roxil Wood Protection Liquid (5 L)

Protect your beloved outdoor furniture, buildings and fencing from the harsh effects of rain with Roxil Wood Protection Liquid. Over time, moisture from the elements causes wood to warp, crack and eventually rot. Roxil Wood Protection Liquid has been created to waterproof absorbent woods such as softwood timber and weathered hardwoods. It can also reduce biological growth like mould and algae.

Environmentally-friendly protection against mould & moisture

Roxil protects against mold and moisture

Safeguard Europe has formulated a colourless and non-biocidal water-based silicone emulsion that retains the original look and appeal of natural wood while protecting it from moisture absorption. Roxil Wood Protection Liquid is a less visible alternative to oils, varnishes and epoxies.

Safeguard Europe’s Research and Development Team have weather-tested Roxil Wood Protection Liquid on a wide variety of woods, including but not limited to Oak, Pine, Douglas Fir and Red Cedar.

Let the natural qualities of wood shine through with Roxil.

Helps resist warping

Roxil prevents warping and rot

When rain settles unevenly on the more exposed parts of wooden structures, the wetter parts take longer to dry and the drier parts shrink. This is what causes wood to warp out of shape and is especially unwelcome in places where uniformity is key such as decking, benches and shed or office roofs.

By waterproofing an outdoor wooden structure with Roxil Wood Protection Liquid, uneven moisture absorption will be reduced to resist warping.

Long-Lasting Protection

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid provides water protection on softwood timber following just 2 coats of application. It has been rigorously tested with 2000 hours of artificial weathering, twice as much as the BBA standard for 10 years of real world weathering.

Freshly clean with Roxil Wood and Patio Cleaner for the best results. Apply by brushing or spraying to ensure the strength, safety and aesthetic appeal of your valuable garden structures for the next decade with Roxil Wood Protection Liquid.

Reduce mould growth & retain natural look

Pooling rain is the breeding ground for biological growth like surface mould and algae on outdoor timber. Roxil Wood Protection Liquid waterproofs those vulnerable areas and reduces the potential for mould and algae growth. Keep your garden furniture dry and clear of undesirable biological growth with Roxil Wood Protection Liquid.

When used in conjunction with Roxil 100 Wood and Patio Cleaner, mouldy garden wood can be cleansed, rejuvenated and protected.

Easy & simple application

Contractor applying Roxil with spray

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid comes ready to use in a convenient 5L canister and is applied with a standard brush or sprayer, making application fuss-free. A litre covers 5-10m² for 2 coats. Full water repellency will develop 1 month after application.

Maintain and protect the natural beauty of your garden structures with Roxil Wood Protection Liquid.

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid Application Instructions

  1. Remove the handle from the sprayer
    Remove the handle from the sprayer.
  2. Fill the sprayer
    Fill the sprayer with 5 litres of Roxil Wood Protection Liquid.
  3. Attach the handle to the sprayer
    Attach the handle to the sprayer.
  4. Spray affected areas with the sprayer
    Pump the sprayer, then spray all affected areas.
  5. Brush affected areas
    Roxil Wood Protection Liquid can also be applied by brush.

Reviews - Average 94% (17 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment
The product was very easy to apply to my fence with a spray (also purchased from Safeguard). I am very happy with the result.
Easy to apply and easy to clean applicator afterwards. Confident with the product after using other products in their range.
see previous statement I made
Job done, easy to apply ( wait for calm day ). I'll let you know in 10 years if its worked.
seems to have worked, wont know until few years time
Very easy to apply and quickly shows the waterproofing properties.
Best product ever..cheers
Really good product better than I thought
Only used a sample tube of this and looks very impressive no colour change to wood and water beads off lovely so sure this purchase will be the same
Rapid, simple, accurate and trouble free service and delivery of the right product at the right price. What more could you want.
Easy to apply, good storage capacity
I can see a lot of difference as rain not soaking in! Not the cheapest but lasts for 10 years so may outlive me as a pensioner!
Good product great service!
Goes on fine, only time will tell on how good it is
Coverage very good and went long way good value for money.
Doesn't change wood colour but brings out the wood grain.
Quick and easy to apply thank you
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Roxil Wood Protection Liquid (5 L)
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