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Roxil Wood Preserver (5 L)

  • Protects against mould, rot and fungal attack
  • Eliminates woodworm
  • Ready for use
Roxil Wood Preserver (5 L)
A Beautiful Garden Shed and Fence

As well as exposure from the elements, your precious outside furniture is also at risk from fungi, algae, lichen, rot and wood-boring beetles. Extend the life of your garden wood with Roxil® Wood Preserver, an odourless and solvent-free preservative primer that defends against woodworm and rot.

Roxil® Wood Preserver is a powerful and effective pre-treatment to prevent discolouration, decay and rotting fungi and wood-boring beetle infestation. Safeguard Europe’s water-based, odourless formulation absorbs deeply through wood to preserve its appearance and protect the structure. Suitable for all types of outdoor wood such as fencing, decking, sheds, playhouses and garden office spaces.

Defend against fungal attack

Fungus-infected compared to Roxil-treated wood

Outdoor buildings are under constant attack from the natural world. Softwoods are naturally absorbent, letting moisture seep in to develop into fungal growth and rot.

Roxil® Wood Preserver penetrates deeply into the wood to form a protective barrier against moisture degradation. Its biocidal component stops fungal growth in its tracks and prevents further damage.

Protect against woodworm

Common Furniture Beetle

Damp wood is the ideal home for nesting woodworms. Roxil® Wood Preserver eliminates minor infestations from common woodworm and beetles such as the Common Furniture and Powderpost Beetle.

As well as eradicating the current problem with its biocidal formulation, Roxil® Wood Preserver seals the wood against future infestations. Enjoy peace of mind from unwanted garden visitors with Roxil® Wood Preserver.

Shield against algae and lichen

Algae-infected compared to Roxil-treated wood

Algae, lichen and mould harms the natural beauty of garden furniture and weakens its structural integrity. The wet and warm months of spring and autumn provide the perfect breeding environment for slippery algae spores to circulate.

In damp, warm and shaded conditions, algae spores absorb into softwoods, create slip hazards on decking and accelerate the onset of rot wherever they land. Roxil® Wood Preserver forms a barrier of protection that stops algae and lichen from forming.

Roxil Wood Preserver application via brush

Roxil® Wood Preserver can be applied with a brush. For larger surfaces like shed walls or fencing, it can also be safely sprayed. 2 wet coats will ensure your wood is safely preserved, and the surface will be touch-dry 1 hour after application.

Roxil® Wood Preserver is an easy to use second step in your wood treatment course. After cleansing the wood with Roxil® 100 Wood and Patio Cleaner, Roxil® Wood Preserver maintains the natural condition and quality of wood.

Roxil Wood Preserver Application Instructions

  1. Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry and clear of debris
    Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry and clear of debris. If it is affected by biological growth it is recommended to clean using Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.
  2. Apply directly to the treatment area with brush or spray
    Apply Roxil Wood Preserver directly to the treatment area with brush or spray. 2 - 3 coats may be required depending on the porosity of the substrate.
  3. Allow the coating to dry for at least 24 hours
    Allow the coating to dry for at least 24 hours before over-coating with Roxil Wood Protection Cream or weatherproof paint.

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Roxil Wood Preserver (5 L)
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