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Timber Treatments




  1. Incl. Tax: £23.40 Excl. Tax: £19.50

    Tried and tested, ready-for-use, high-strength woodworm killer.

  2. Incl. Tax: £29.99 Excl. Tax: £24.99

    Roxil Wood Protection Cream provides 10 year protection to softwoods in a single coat.

  3. Incl. Tax: £30.00 Excl. Tax: £25.00

    SoluGuard Ready for Use Woodworm & Rot Treatment (HSE 9290) is a colourless, ready to use “universal” wood preservative approved for amateur and professional...

  4. Incl. Tax: £23.99 Excl. Tax: £19.99

    Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide is a high-strength biocide for removing algae, fungi, and moss growth on a wide range of surfaces.

  5. Incl. Tax: £24.98 Excl. Tax: £20.82

    Roxil Wood Protection Liquid is a liquid water based silicone emulsion used to protect softwoods.

  6. Incl. Tax: £11.76 Excl. Tax: £9.80

    The Spear & Jackson 5L is a great budget pump-up sprayer with an easy to manage 5-litre capacity.