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SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment (BPR) (5 L)

  • Wet & dry rot treatment
  • Eliminates woodworm
  • Low odour (solvent free)
  • Apply by brush, spray, or dip
  • Coverage: 15 - 20 m2
SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment (BPR) (5 L)

Is your home riddled with dust, holes and wriggly yellow things? Woodworms infest unprotected wooden structures, threatening their beauty and structural stability. Wood-boring beetles can hide in floorboards, furniture, door and window frames for years. If left undisturbed, the woodworm quietly feast until the wood falls apart.

Wooden furniture in House

When moisture in the home becomes trapped, it turns into condensation. Fungus spores soon follow, leading to wet or dry rot. When wood rots, it softens, cracks and shrinks. Unappealing mycelium fungus grows on the wood’s surface and a musty smell may be present. Over time, it can cause serious structural damage.

Prevent and stop the harmful effects of wood-boring beetles and fungal decay with SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment. Its dual-purpose formulation stops rot & woodworm from getting into the wood and eradicates the woodworms present.

Safeguard Europe’s curative woodworm & preventative rot treatment is a solvent-free formula that attacks every stage of the Woodworm and Wood-Boring Beetle life cycle. This versatile treatment can be used as a preventative measure to wet and dry rot, as part of a low-to-moderate or preventative measure to woodworm infestation.

Envelopes timber against woodworm and rot


Woodworms burrow into timber and emerge from the wood’s surface as wood-boring beetles. They reproduce on the wood’s surface before laying larvae eggs back inside the wood. SoluGuard seals the wood’s surface, breaking the life cycle and allowing the infestation to clear.

Ensure all surfaces of the affected wooden structure are protected by SoluGuard to defend against woodworm & rot.

Seal wood against moisture, fungal spores and rot with SoluGuard’s deeply penetrating formula.

Colourless, odourless and solvent-free

Soluguard is solvent-free

Battling woodworm & rot isn’t the nicest task, but SoluGuard’s odourless and solvent-free formulation ensures quick and easy application.

SoluGuard can be brushed on or applied with a coarse low pressure spray and fully protects in 2-3 coats (depending on wood type).

Rigorously tested

Wood Beetle

SoluGuard has been tested to European Standards EN152 and EN113+84 and is proven to be effective against the Common Furniture Beetle and House Longhorn Beetle.

SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment has been authorised by the European Chemicals Agency as effective against wood rot and fungi in an outdoors setting.

SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment Application Instructions

  1. Remove the handle from the sprayer
    Remove the handle from the sprayer.
  2. Fill the sprayer
    Fill the sprayer with 5 litres of SoluGuard Ready for Use Woodworm & Rot Treatment.
  3. Attach the handle to the sprayer
    Attach the handle to the sprayer.
  4. Spray affected areas with the sprayer
    Pump the sprayer, then spray all affected areas.

Reviews - Average 100% (11 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment
Tried and trusted product
Product seems good and was easy to apply, but I won't know how good the product is until several years have passed - if there is no woodworm and rot, then the product is good, otherwise....
Used it before, great product
Very effective does what it says.Good results.
Easy to use and water soluble, so safer to handle. Very low odour also, which is good if you don't want the stuff to smell for ages or suffer from respiratory difficulties
Low odour / no odour product
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SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment (BPR) (5 L)
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