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Roxil Wood Protection Cream

  • Long Lifetime: up to 10 Years Protection
  • Single Coat Application
  • Reduces Mould and Algae Growth
  • Resistance to Warping - Reduces Water Uptake
Roxil Wood Protection Cream

Roxil Wood Protection Cream provides 10 year protection to softwoods in a single coat. It mitigates the negative effects of water ingress by weatherproofing the surface of timber. The product is applied directly to the wood by brush or roller

10 Year Weatherproofing

10 Years Protection

Roxil Wood Protection Cream is a colourless weatherproofer for softwoods and weathered hardwoods. Once applied, the advanced silicone cream formula absorbs into the wood and stops the ingress of moisture on wood for 10 years.

Single-Coat, No-Drip Application

Single Coat

The unique cream formula of Roxil Wood Protection Cream allows for more even loading than liquid weatherproofers and does not does not drip or run, meaning only a single coat needs to be applied by brush or roller.

Award winning timber treatment

Award winning timber treatment

Roxil Wood Cream has won awards every year since it's release. Voted for the Professional Builder Product of the Year award by the applicators themselves and the TTJ Innovation award by industry experts.

Reduces Mould and Algae Growth

Reduces Mould and Algae Growth

Mould and algae requires moisture to grow. An application of Roxil Wood Protection Cream will keep the surface of softwoods and weathered hardwoods dry. This makes it much harder for mould and algae to grow. Any minor surface growth can be easily cleaned using Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.

Improved Resistance to Warping

Reduces Warping

This movement can lead to wooden structures cracking and warping. By waterproofing the wood, Roxil Wood Protection Cream will greatly reduce water ingress and minimise the expansion that causes wood to crack and warp.

Enhances Natural Appearance

Enhances Natural Appearance

Roxil Wood Protection Cream is a colourless weatherproofer. Once fully cured, Roxil will enhance the natural appearance of wood without adding a stain or sheen. It will also slow down the silvering process that occurs due to UV exposure.

Roxil Wood Protection Cream Application Instructions

  1. Clean the surface to be treated, ensuring that it is clear of debris
    Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry and clear of debris. If it is affected by biological growth it is recommended to clean using Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.
  2. Apply Roxil Wood Protection Cream directly to the treatment area with a brush or roller
    Apply Roxil Wood Protection Cream directly to the treatment area with a brush or roller, making sure to distribute it in an even and thin coat.
  3. Leave the cream to absorb into the wood for at least 24 hours
    Leave the cream to absorb into the wood for at least 24 hours, until it appears dry. This may take longer on cold winter days. See the technical datasheet for more information.

Feefo Reviews - Average 100% (46 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment
Seems perfect for the job.
Easy to use. No mess either when applying.
Easy application, appears to do what it says on the tin.
Goes on easily and leaves the fence looking protected. Time will tell if it lives up to the 10 year claim
Easy to apply & only 1 coat needed
Excellent coverage and ease of application with brush no drips due to cream formulation Enhances the natural beauty and grain of the wood and provides protection from weathering warping and algae. I am using it to treat a new fence which was erected six months ago. The big bonus is that one application should last ten years.
I am rating the product not your after sales performance.
Really like this product, excellent protecting my wood garden sheds against the elements, definitely does what it says
Bought it to treat a new wooden garden arch. It was amazingly easy to use being a cream with no mess, bit like polishing your shoes on a grand scale and you use very little. I applied before assembly so I got every bit of timber treated. It was totally dry within 2 hours and only very very slight darkening or the wood. Overall it does exactly what it says it does. I used a brush but would say a small sponge or cloth would possibly be just as easy depending on what you are treating. I'm now tempted to treat my hiking boots as we are now coming into the 'Monsoon Season ' in Scotland.
best product on the market , I wished I new about it years ago .
Ideal , innovative product, so much easier than wood stain or varnish. Excellent service and delivery
Excellent product. Easy to apply and just needs the one coat. Dries fast and totally waterproofed my fence.
Arrived on time. Well packed. Excellent protection
Product is absolutely first class, one coat on my new shed, next day the pouring rain was simply beading off the wood without penetrating. A wise investment which enhances the natural wood tones and saves overpainting or staining every year or two. Highly recommend!
Great product at the best price available. Easy to order and fast delivery.
Iv only just done the shed so see how long it lasts.
Great product for protecting my sleepers and shed whilst retaining a natural colour. May be more expensive than some other products on the market - but it is far superior!
very good service and looks to be a very good product following initial application
Easy to apply and product absorbed well overnight.
As Above
as it says on the can can
dont know yet next months plans
need to buy more how do i get discount?
As it is a cream it goes on really well and is easy to see where you have been and the water beads off as advertised.
Used this wood protection cream on my gate and fencing at home. Water just beads up and runs off. Rated for 10 years, so let's see how well it lasts!
Straight forward and so far is doing what it should.
The product I bought is very good
This stuff is brilliant, goes on easily, no mess and we saw the difference the next day when it rained.
The ONLY downside is that it's not always easy to see if any areas have been missed until it rains.
Easy to use and timber nourishment evident from end result.
Easy to apply hope will protect well
As Above
As Above
Does exactly what it says
Would have given the product five stars, but only time will tell if the treatment lasts for 10 years.
Now used the product and very impressed rain just rolls off the fence now. Coverage was as stated on the can and although expensive if it prolongs the life of the fence well worth it.
Product paints on easily so long as you don't try to paint a second coat too soon after the first. In fact it is advised that only one coat should be necessary for 10 year protection. We have opted to coat both sides of the timber, front and back. For full evaluation of the product we will have to see how it is looking after a few years. In particular we don't want the appearance of our Western Red Cedar to degenerate into the grey/silver appearance which it would if left unprotected. Time will tell.
please look at my last comments
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